Make thinking a skill!

Riley applies geometry knowledge to draw car logos.

Riley applies geometry knowledge to draw car logos.

Our coaching inspires students through practical perspectives and critical thinking. Students learn within and beyond academic subjects to achieve goals through understanding the real-world applications and impact of their work. The coaching takes a topic-based approach that integrates subjects that are normally delivered as rote exercises in traditional lessons.

Private Coaching (K-college)

  • Mathematics: All K-12, AP, and most college curriculum.

  • Sciences: K-12 & AP subjects.

  • Engineering: College engineering courses. Call for details.

  • Science Fair/Project/Competition Assistance: Professional perspective in all projects.

  • Reading & Writing: K-12 reading comprehension and writing.

Homeschool Programs


Real-World STEM (Ages 7-13): Experience the practical life of scientists and engineers. From identifying problems, doing research, finding solutions, to presenting the results, students collaborate to complete hands-on STEM projects that are closely related to their daily life. Details

7th Grade Math (Skill-based Enrollment): Goals: Mastering computational thinking via Math. Understanding the why and how to apply 7th-grade level math by solving real-world problems. The program will introduce the core concepts to the students, while the Parents will have guided coursework to complete with students between sessions. Details.

Think to Read & Write (Ages 7-13): Great readers think; great writers communicate. Through activities, discussions and connecting the topics to our lives, students learn to prioritize thoughts and communicate to become effective readers and writers. Details 

Preparing for and Targeting a STEM Field (HS, college, and beyond)

  • Discover the student’s potential

  • Target and pursue a major in college

  • Gain research and internship experiences

  • Connect with experts in the field

Pursuing an Ideal Job

  • Match experience with the right job profile

  • Build a strong resume

  • Grab the hiring manager’s attention

  • Prepare for commonly asked technical and behavioral questions

Pricing - School Year 2018-2019

Tutoring - The monthly charge is $260 per hour weekly. The monthly charge multiplies based on the number of hours needed per week. For a one-off single session, it's $90 per hour.

Parent or career consultation - $100 per hour.