Kerri Keng

Founder | Piano Trainer | STEM Coach & Consultant

Kerri obtained her Master's degree in Mechanical Engineering from MIT. She double-majored in Biomedical Engineering and Applied Mathematics in undergraduate. She has ten years of experiences in academia and industry, ranging from biomedical research to coaching engineers. Her interdisciplinary perspectives made her an innovate coach in project-based learning, tutoring, and critical thinking.

Her passion in STEM and academic coaching began her journey in education. She has been sharing the joy of learning and a well-rounded perspective with students as young as four. Kerri works with all styles of learners, from public school students to homeschool explorers. Besides the role of chief coach in Melody & Chord Creative Learning, she's also teaching math, STEM, and computer programming in a local private school and a non-profit education organization.

Kerri's talent and love for music inspired her to teach children and adults to play the piano from their hearts. She believes that developing the individual's interest and sense for music is the key to lifetime enjoyment for playing the piano. Kerri was invited to compose for a high-tech company's product video, and wrote a book "Charting through Music with Melody & Chord" on learning and being creative with piano.