Make thinking a skill!

Riley applies geometry knowledge to draw car logos.

Riley applies geometry knowledge to draw car logos.

Our coaching inspires students through practical perspectives and critical thinking. Students learn within and beyond academic subjects to achieve goals through understanding the real-world applications and impact of their work. The coaching takes a topic-based approach that integrates subjects that are normally delivered as rote exercises in traditional lessons.

Private Coaching (K - College)


  • Mathematics: All K-12, AP, and most college curriculum.

  • Sciences: K-12 & AP subjects.

  • Engineering: College engineering courses. Call for details.

  • Science Fair/Project/Competition Assistance: Professional perspective in all projects.

  • Reading & Writing: K-12 reading comprehension and writing.

Preparing for and Targeting a STEM Field (HS, college, and beyond)

  • Discover the student’s potential

  • Target and pursue a major in college

  • Gain research and internship experiences

  • Connect with experts in the field

Pursuing an Ideal Job

  • Match experience with the right job profile

  • Build a strong resume

  • Grab the hiring manager’s attention

  • Prepare for commonly asked technical and behavioral questions


  • $290 monthly for 1hr per week

  • $100 per single session

Focused Groups (September 2019 - June 2020)

Each focused group meet once a week for an hour. All classwork will be logged and shared with the families, so upon absence students can make up their work at home. There will be no makeup if a class is missed. There will also be no classes or proration on our school holidays.

New Readers’ Comprehension (Grades 1 - 4)

New readers need to learn to pronounce and understand the vocabulary, while gaining life experiences. Through reading about a variety of topics (music, sports, food, STEM, latest news, etc.), the students will connect the words they read with their lives, and further learn to comprehend paragraphs and articles. [Tuesdays 5:00 – 6:00] $160/month 

Hands-on Modern STEM (Grades 3 - 6)

This class is composed of themed real-life, interdisciplinary, and hands-on projects. They bridge the gaps between math and STEM topics that students experience in modern life. The projects focus on applying math to gain a practical lens through exploring the STEM concepts. Every month we will introduce a different topic, including but not limited to: Food Science using Whole Numbers, Modern Medicine using Decimals, Holiday Specials using Fractions, Smart Devices using Geometry, Patterns & Music, and Environmental Science using Statistics. [Fridays 4:00 – 5:00] $160/month

Elementary Core Math & Word Problems (Grades 4 - 6)

This class strengths the students’ core skills on using whole number, decimal, and fractions to add, subtract, multiply, and divide. Through understanding the meaning of the core operations, students will also learn to master the critical thinking skills needed to solve word problems and apply the skills in daily lives. Curriculum used: Newmark Math Workbook [Mondays 4:30 – 5:30] $160/month

Middle School “Think to Read & Write” (Grade Level: 5-8)

Critical thinking is a key skill to write coherent essays. Students will learn to organize abstract thoughts into ideas that readers can understand, and most importantly, avoid mistakes that many middle-school students do. The focus will be on the major areas of writing: narrative, information, and opinion writing. The students will prioritize writing assignments from school teachers and supplement skill development from additional practice. Students will receive critiques from the instructor and one-on-one attention. [Wednesdays 4:00-5:00] $160/month

High School Geometry & English Tutoring (Grade Level: 9+)

Students in this focused group will receive one-on-one assistance and work together with peers to achieve high scores in math and English classes. They will learn to plan ahead to complete assignments and practice study skills to prepare for quizzes and exams. [Thursdays 2:30-3:30] $160/month

High-School Career Preparation (Grade Level: 9-10)

High school is a major transition in young adults’ lives. They are getting ready for to apply college, setting goals for career, and maybe even thinking about getting a learner’s permit to drive. Students in their early high school career need a major mindset change to prepare for all the excitement and stress. Starting Day 1 of 9th grade, every grade count. To drive internal motivation and put all efforts into practical perspectives, students will be guided to explore career options and set goals for themselves in time management, GPA, standardized testing, extra curricula, etc. Each week, the students will share their progress and receive feedback on how to progress next. Based on the students’ interest, they’ll also receive real-world guidance on what classes to take and what internships to consider. The group will also be each other’s support in the memorable journey through high school. [Currently combined with the H.S. Geometry & English Tutoring Group]